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Good News!

Windows Phone 7 version is anounced. It will be another open source project available in month or two.

About Project

Vortex2D.NET is free 2D fast graphics framework/game engine powered by Direct3D 9. It is replacement of XNA for 2D games development. Vortex2D API is very well structured, easy for beginners and powerful for professionals. Programming language: C#; OS: Win XP or newer.

Development blog:
Project forum:
Vortex FAQ (under construction)

Vortex2D (Beta 1) becomes officially recommended. Old version (0.7) is obsolete from now.

Release highlights:
  • Resource management system
  • Flexible path management functionality
  • Vortex Scene Framework (VSF)
  • Performance Improvement 50%-200%
  • Integration with Farseer Physics Engine
  • Complete Documentation
  • Cool demos based on shaders

Important! Content browser is located Bin\Tutorials\Tutorias.exe.


Contact Us

If you are interested to join this project, has some comments or need any kind of game development, programming advices or consultations please contact us or leave posts on forum.

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