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Vortex2D.NET 0.8 (alpha)

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Change Set: 60137
Released: Dec 20, 2010
Updated: Feb 8, 2011 by vlasovsv
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Source Code Vortex2D(0.8a).zip
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Documentation Vortex2D Documentation
documentation, 3559K, uploaded Dec 20, 2010 - 32 downloads

Release Notes

It is first public release of 0.8 build. This version contains 99% of new code written mostly in C#. It is almost ready for use but still missing some previous functionality, key elements and some tutorials. I'll be more than glad if you test it and make a good feedback!

Things you may be interested in:
  • physics, integration powered with Farseer physics engine
  • winforms advanced integration
  • final Audio API powered with irrKlang
  • up to 30% high performance
  • CHM documentation

API changes
  • MouseListener events OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, OnClick, OnDoubleClick, OnMove, OnWheel are renamed to MouseDown, MouseUp, Click, DoubleClick, Move and Wheel.
  • KeyboardListener events OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp, OnChar are renamed to KeyDown, KeyUp, EnterChar

Set of main changes comparing to version 0.7:
  1. RenderTarget renamed into TargetTexture. It exposes interface IDrawingTarget which is also exposed by DrawingContext. Each render target has own canvas now. You can easily draw on corresponding canvas and renderer will automatically switch render targets.
  2. For winforms application KeyboardDevice/MouseDevice now renamed into KeyboardListener/MouseListener, both exposes IMessageFilter interface and can "listen" application message queue.
  3. SpriteAnimation is renamed into SimpleSpriteAnimation because SpriteAnimation is reserved for advanced usage with SpriteVortex usage.
  4. Matrix2D is replaced by Transform2D. Transform2D is 3x2 matrix instead of 3x3. It supports all of transformation but consumes less memory and easier to maintain.
  5. Window.Width/Height are replaced with single property: Window.Size.
  6. DrawString is renamed into DrawText to make name more consistent.
  7. MeasureString is renamed into MeasureText and becomes static. Sometimes it is very useful to measure text and calculate some bounds not having canvas.
  8. SemiTransparent is replaced with MultiplyAlpha (also MultiplyRed/Gree/Blue are also present)
  9. Property of MouseListener "InWindow" now renamed as "IsOverWindow"
  10. Property of Camera2d "Transformation" now renamed as "Transform"
  11. Texture.Surface.SetData/GetDate for bitmaps renamed to 'SetBitmapData'/'GetBitmapData'
  12. Shaders now are stateful. Each instance of shader contains own constant set. You may change them with shader.Params.Set(....). Constants persists until you'll change them next time.
  13. For Rotation/Scaling and Transformation order of arguments is changed a bit. Now first argument is factor or rotation angle and seconds argument (optional) is origin point for transformation.
  14. CompareFunction enum is renamed as TestFunction.
  15. Strokes are no longer valid since application startup. They are valid after drawing device is created. For game: Load()

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