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Add ability to reflect content management on type instance.


Currently we have prototype of XML-based content loader. It creates some kind of associative context which is populated with entity instances resolved during parsing of XML. It is cool but not the best. Lets add some kind of content reflector which will reflect resolved entities into instance of some type.
Example (now):
Context c = new Context("desc.xml");
Sprite s = c.Get<Sprite>("SpriteName");
canvas.DrawSprite(0, 0, s, ColorU.White);
class Assets {
public Sprite SpriteName { get; set; }
Assets a = Game.LoadContent<Assets>("desc.xml")
canvas.DrawSprite(0, 0, a.SpriteName, ColorU.White);
Closed Aug 12, 2010 at 10:00 PM by AlexKhomich
It sis implemented already